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Running with Sherman




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Running with Sherman



When Christopher McDougall decided to rescue a struggling donkey, he found himself embarking on an unexpected adventure. Collaborating with his community, Chris conceived a novel idea—burro racing. This distinctive competition involves humans and donkeys navigating mountains and streams together. It became the perfect challenge for Sherman and Chris. Throughout Sherman’s training, Chris engaged Amish running clubs, spirited goats, the service animal community, and two long-distance female truckers who happen to admire Sarah Palin. Sherman’s uplifting journey, defying all odds to participate in an extraordinary race, illuminates the transformative impact of motion and underscores the profound bond between humans and animals.

Book Review

This memoir is both hilariously funny and incredibly moving. The author is coerced into rescuing a donkey, Sherman. After he nurses him back to health McDougall quickly realizes he needs to give the donkey a challenge so decides to enter him into the World Championship Burro Race. Training is not straightforward, along the way he has to overcome Sherman’s quirks and he quickly realizes he needs help. The people who become involved are eclectic and everyone benefits from their time with Sherman in different ways.
The journey to the race in Colorado is inspirational and you find yourself rooting for this rag tag team.

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