Andrea Amstutz

Welcome friends, neighbors, children, and book lovers of all kinds! My name is Andrea Amstutz. I’m a mom, a Veterinarian Assistant, and your local book enthusiast who wants to bring the joy of reading back to the Snoqualmie Valley!  

Our Story

During COVID, like many, I had more time at home.  It was during this time that I revisited my love of reading.  My daughter had been an avid reader from a very young age, and she helped me find my joy again by watching her devour book after book.  

In December 2021, my daughter and our two dogs moved to North Bend. During our early months of living here we explored the Snoqualmie Valley and discovered that there wasn’t a local bookstore.  This started the wheels turning in my mind, daydreaming of a lovely, cozy place, a bookstore of my own.  

I love the small town feel, and sense of community we have here. The Book Nest has started as a pop up store at local community events, and will soon be a part of the local Farmers Markets.  It is my hope to expand to a mobile bookstore this year, and eventually have a local shop where friends and neighbors gather, read, and connect with one another.  So many adventures await us between the pages books, that can only come to life in our imagination.  I’m so excited to take this journey with you!

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