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  • It Ends With Us

    It Ends With Us

    Lily’s journey hasn’t been without challenges, but her relentless work ethic has propelled her towards the life she desires. Transitioning […]

  • Now Is Not the Time to Panic

    Now Is Not the Time to Panic

    In Coalfield, Tennessee, sixteen-year-old Frankie Budge, an aspiring writer and offbeat loner, faces another dull summer until she encounters Zeke, […]

  • All the Dangerous Things

    A year ago, Isabelle Drake’s life took a devastating turn when her toddler son, Mason, was abducted from his crib. […]

  • I found you

    Discovering a mysterious man on the beach outside her home, Alice Lake, a single mom, hesitantly extends an invitation. Nameless, […]

  • Wind Knows My Name

    Five-year-old Samuel Adler loses his father during Kristallnacht, marking the night his family loses everything. To ensure Samuel’s safety, his […]

  • House of Eve

    Ruby’s dream is simple: break the cycle of poverty and become the first in her family to attend college. However, […]

  • The Midnight Library

    Beyond the universe’s edge lies a library with infinite books, each narrating a reality—one, the story of your present life, […]